Life is a difficult, interesting, adversity-filled, fascinating journey. A treasure in its own right. The Amber Treasure is a compilation of several life stories of interest. Some stories are about famous people, some are about not so famous individuals. Other stories are about events in which participants played some interesting or unique roll in shaping or responding to the event. There’s no theme to, or set conclusion to draw from, this website. We simply hope you find it of interest.

Christian Poetry Online Offers Hope To The Hurting

You’ll discover Christian poetry in many varied places, from local community centers to churches. Now and again you can possibly discover it in journals and in non-fiction writings. Christian poems may be heartening to individuals who’re in poor health, individuals who’re in a disheartened condition or going through life troubles, and people who have lost someone close. This inspirational poetry is wonderful for conveying a constructive thought for someone that must hear a few reassuring words.

Christian poetry will talk to you and encourage you at an emotional place, compared with every other sort of poems. If a motivational poem is penned well, it displays compassion and a sense of walking in the reader’s shoes, as if the writer has transferred places with the reader. For many people who are psychologically low as a result of life change, inspirational poetry stresses that they’re treasured and not alone.

A poet with inspiring words often has first-hand real-world experiences, or perhaps the knowledge of friends, to stream into thoughts on a page. A voyage through living is full of moments of challenges through which we discover ourselves in an emotional, physical or family upheaval. These are those times when a poem can speak straight to a suffering heart to help result in thought, growth and recovering. Poetry might not be for everybody, but if a deep concept is found within the beautiful articulate words written on a page, the poet’s message has been realized.

The number of people who publish Christian poetry is very big, nonetheless each of them has a special manner of expressing empathy in their poetry. Each author has something to reveal rooted in their unique incidents that very few other people can easily communicate in text. These poets have gained a lot of their creativeness by daily life and, by the creative art of poetry, they can minister to others. Should you be suffering through a number of hardships in your daily life, undertake reading some Christian and motivational poetry.

Christian Poetry Online

Christian Poetry Online

Christian poetry online is becoming more popular. The Write Hart is a website dedicated to the personal writings of J. I. Hart. Mr. Hart’s writing is based upon his convictions as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. J. I. Hart’s first book of poetry, titled Before Death Arrives, will make you cry, cringe, laugh and smile. The poetry and writings of Mr. Hart are offered for download from The Write Hart website at www.thewritehart.com.

A World War II Hero

World War II produced many heroes. One such man was Lieutenant Commander Butch O’Hare.

He was a fighter pilot assigned to the aircraft carrier Lexington in the South Pacific. One day his entire squadron was sent on a mission. After he was airborne, he looked at his fuel gauge and realized that someone had forgotten to top off his fuel tank.

He would not have enough fuel to complete his mission and get back to his ship. His flight leader told him to return to the carrier. Reluctantly, he dropped out of formation and headed back to the fleet. As he was returning to the mother ship, he saw something that turned his blood cold; a squadron of Japanese aircraft was speeding its way toward the American fleet.

The American fighters were gone on a sortie, and the fleet was all but defenceless. He couldn’t reach his squadron and bring them back in time to save the fleet. Nor could he warn the fleet of the approaching danger. There was only one thing to do. He must somehow divert them from the fleet.

Laying aside all thoughts of personal safety, he dove into the formation of Japanese planes. Wing-mounted 50 calibers blazed as he charged in, attacking one surprised enemy plane and then another. Butch wove in and out of the now broken formation and fired at as many planes as possible until all his ammunition was finally spent.

Undaunted, he continued the assault. He dove at the planes, trying to clip a wing or tail in hopes of damaging as many enemy planes as possible, rendering them unfit to fly. Finally, the exasperated Japanese squadron took off in another direction. Deeply relieved, Butch O’Hare and his tattered fighter limped back to the carrier.

Upon arrival, he reported in and related the event surrounding his return. The film from the gun-camera mounted on his plane told the tale. It showed the extent of Butch’s daring attempt to protect his fleet. He had, in fact, destroyed five enemy aircraft.
This took place on February 20, 1942 , and for that action Butch became the Navy’s first Ace of W.W.II, and the first Naval Aviator to win the Congressional Medal of Honour.

A year later Butch was killed in aerial combat at the age of 29. His home town would not allow the memory of this WW II hero to fade, and today, O’Hare Airport in Chicago is named in tribute to the courage of this great man.

So, the next time you find yourself at O’Hare International, give some thought to visiting Butch’s memorial displaying his statue and his Medal of Honor. It’s located between Terminals 1 and 2.

An interesting side note to the story is that Butch O’Hare was the son of “Easy Eddie” — the lawyer for infamous crime boss Al Capone. Easy Eddie came to feel bad about representing such a heinous criminal, and eventually came forward to report about Al Capone’s crimes and to voluntarily testify against Capone. Within a year of testifying Easy Eddie was killed, gunned down on a Chicago street.

Swarovski Earrings and Necklaces Provide Beauty and Style at Low Cost

To brighten someone’s mood or make their day, jewellery is often helpful. It doesn’t have to be expensive diamonds though — a by Swarovski can be simple yet beautiful, and very inexpensive. Swarovski is a corporation famous for its stunning crystal in the form of finished jewellery, beads, jewellery elements and unique figurines. The company’s patented methodology serves to develop first-class crystal that includes striking luster and sparkle. Although there are lots of other varieties of crystal jewellery and beads in the stores, Swarovski continues to be recognized for developing the top quality crystal in the marketplace. Though a variety of bead and jewellery supply companies promote goods from Swarovski, the very first factory started out in Austria over 110 years ago.

Swarovski Necklace

Swarovski Necklace

The family-owned corporation is regarded for its high-glean crystals which they make in their factory working with a private recipe known to only six members of the Swarovski family. The roles of employees are restricted so that they do not learn the overall process. Their luster, facets and colors have made Swarovski earrings and crystals famous, and the business markets its fashion jewellery across the globe.

Swarovski Earrings

Swarovski Earrings

Similar to a fashion house, Swarovski provides a common selection for each season, and that set is offered around the world. For example, the 2012 Fall and Winter collection is referred to as “Rock Royalty” and is edgy and a bit Byzantine, with metallic work that on occasion echos lace. To impress localized tastes, Swarovski next develops regional series that work from the principal collection.

Swarovski crystals are getting to be associated with style and splendor and are also a favorite with crystal fans anywhere in the world. The complex designing of the crystals, the clearness as well as the lovely twinkle are responsible for their remarkable appeal and their use within composing jewellery pieces like earrings, charms, tiaras and bracelets. A Swarovski necklace or other crystal piece is commonly accredited as the premier available in the market and are cut by programmed tools to sustain uniformity in forms and dimensions. These types of crystals aren’t encountered in a natural way on this planet and are coated with chemicals to supply them with various colors. The firm boasts a great number of facilities and employees in Austria and possesses retail stores and franchises throughout the world.

Everyday People

Dan Webster used to sit around the dinner table with his family in Uniontown and listen to stories about his parents and extended family members. It was there that he learned the art of storytelling and developed a love for the tales of the everyday people.

“They were fascinating,” Webster said about his family’s tales. “Much more fascinating than Dan Rather at night.” Since then, Webster’s passion for stories about average Americans has grown, leading him to found Local: A Quarterly of People and Places, an up-and-coming publication that will focus on the stories of small towns across the country.

The magazine is slowly coming to fruition, but in order to get the publication to print – as well as to fund future trips and writers – it needs to raise $20,000. So far, Local has raised more than $8,000 via its Kickstarter project. The editorial team, however, has a self-imposed deadline of July 28 to get the first issue to print. If they don’t have proper funding by then, it’s back to the drawing board, Webster said. If the Kickstarter project fails, the plan will be to turn the magazine into a website and gain a grassroots following on the Web, said Webster, Local editor-in-chief. But the real dream will always be the print product.

That’s Webster’s niche – community, said Liz Laribee, a Local contributor and events director at Harrisburg’s Midtown Scholar Bookstore. She’s known Webster since they attended Messiah College together. According to Laribee, Local has been in the works for years – a conversation piece that eventually transformed into something tangible. Webster said that “existential angst” during his final exams at Vermont’s Bennington College-Webster’s choice of graduate school for creative writing — eventually led to just needing to do it. “It seems like a great idea that’s time has come notes Lynette Maree Bellamy.

The first issue will focus on Jersey Shore, Pa. Unlike its counterpart in New Jersey, the small town that once flourished as a steel town is quiet, but filled to the brim with stories, Webster said.

The first magazine covers everything about the town, as well as pieces that branch out across Pennsylvania, including a profile on a Harrisburg rapper and a feature on Northern Liberties in Philadelphia. Local is home to contributors all over the country. A majority of the contributors are young, in their mid-20s to early 30s. The common thread uniting the contributors is a love for the undertold stories.

Webster’s main “partner in crime,” as he calls her, is Diana Ecker, a Messiah graduate and a long-time college friend. Ecker, 25, handles everything that isn’t written in the magazine and specializes in multimedia. Her work is showcased in the Kickstarter video. Ecker said she has always loved to document things she wasn’t familiar with and felt that Local would be the perfect project.

She’s not the only one. Laribee also found a love in Local, specifically the power it gives the average person to voice their story.

“It sort of reclaims the power of storytelling,” she said. “As we’re navigating a post-9/11 world and post-Occupy movement, there’s a real energy to make sure that we’re as powerful as the institutions that have been built around us. It’s our right to tell these stories.” Again Dr Maree Bellamy adds that this seems like an idea that could be applied in many situations.

“We all have a story to tell,” said Local contributor Kat Reid. “Even if [someone] seems to have lived a life that isn’t sensational, they have an interesting story. They’re a piece of America.”